A day in the life of a Renew Crew franchisee


Renew Crew is a unique outdoor franchise opportunity that can be scaled and organized to meet the skills, financial goals, and comfort level of each franchise operator. We have a variety of existing franchisees that come from various career and business backgrounds. Some are existing business owners who have added Renew Crew as a way to increase their revenues by offering the diverse Renew Crew services, while others are folks who left corporate America for an opportunity to run their own business with the support and guidance offered by a franchise syste.

When considering investing in a Renew Crew business you should consider how you imagine yourself in the business. Typically we see franchisees operate in one of three ways.

Owner/Operator: A few of our franchisees work full time in the business, managing a single unit and providing the services of Renew Crew to their clients directly.

See what our franchisees have to say about Renew Crew!

See what our franchisees have to say about Renew Crew!

Executive: Most of our franchisees spend the majority of their time working on their business by employing marketing, lead generation and referral duties, while also overseeing a small team of employees that conduct the various services of the business in the field. The executive model is designed to help new entrepreneurs to rapidly grow by building a team of talented and dedicated people around them.

Diversifying Business Owners:

Some existing outdoor service business owners are on the prowl for new turn-key business opportunities that will help them increase their annual revenues by offering new goods/services to their existing client base. While some of our existing franchisees come from sister brands with Outdoor Living Brands, we also see, among others, lawn and landscaping companies, painting companies, interior cleaning companies, and deck and fence contractors look to Renew Crew as a way to grow or diversify their business. For some, converting an existing power washing business into Renew Crew allows them to reach clients in a professional way and offers them an opportunity to benefit from our proprietary environmentally friend products, IT platform, and proven marketing and advertising systems.

Whichever model or category that you fall into initially, many franchisees begin with the owner/operator model as it offers them the opportunity to grow the business with significantly less capital, then transition into the executive model over time. With the world class support team offered by Renew Crew, any of our models can provide you with the opportunity to build your business over time into a very large and profitable operation.

So let’s take look inside A Day in the Life of two Renew Crew Franchisees;

dean and stan annual meeting

Dean and Heather Ritchey currently operate Renew Crew of Lincoln, Nebraska. The pair are the perfect example of our owner/operator model.

Dean Ritchey gets up at about 6:30 AM in his home in Lincoln and joins his wife and four young children for breakfast. As a Renew Crew franchisee, Dean is even able to help get his boys up and ready for school and has time to drop them off on his way in for the day.

After school drop offs, Dean hops in his Renew Crew van and heads out for the day. Thanks to the Renew Crew’s scheduling software, Serviceminder, Dean can pull up his schedule and see what proposals and jobs he has for the day before meeting his two field technicians.

Dean’s daily workload is usually busy with several jobs and scheduled proposals. His technicians focus their time and energy on completing jobs, while Dean spends his days presenting proposals on new projects and working with area business professionals to cultivate and steward referral relationships for Renew Crew. Some days are busier than others, however, and Dean does occasionally find himself assisting his technicians with bigger jobs.

Around 3:00 PM in the afternoon, Dean and the technicians touch base and discuss the day’s activities and what is on the docket for tomorrow. After that, Dean is able to pick up his children from school and heads home to answer emails and calls in his home office.

Dean also has time in his home office to work on new creative marketing ideas and make updates to social media pages promoting his Renew Crew franchise. By 5 or 6 each day, Dean turns the “work” off to focus on spending time with his family.


Chris Miller

Chris Miller is another one of the amazing franchisees that we have at Renew Crew. While Dean and Heather are the perfect example of the owner/operator model, Chris Miller is a prime example an owner/operator who very rapidly evolved to the Executive Model.

Chris Miller licensed his first franchise with Renew Crew when it was still Wood Re New. Initially, Chris spent the majority of his time like Dean, working with technicians and focusing on the proposal and bidding process, while cultivating and stewarding relationships within his community and help building goodwill.

However, in just his first year in business, Chris and his team reached a higher sales volume than the two-man field technician team could support. Chris elected to hire a part-time administrative assistant to answer the phone and schedule appointments as well as an additional part-time technician team to handle any appointments that his full time crew could not.

Chris continues to work on the business, developing proposals and attending networking events throughout the community. He has added two additional Renew Crew vans and hired more technicians to work full time.

Chris continued to spend his days managing his team of employees, performing sales calls and corresponding with area business owners and his clients.

As his Renew Crew business blossomed, Chris noticed an increase in volume and inquiries from businesses and clients outside of his protected Renew Crew territory. In his third year in the system, Chris added another Renew Crew territory to his growing enterprise. With the additional territory came the need for additional Renew Crew vans and employees.

Today, Chris operates the largest Renew Crew franchise in the system and has four vans and seven employees working in his business. Chris spends the most of his time each day managing the employees and executing his local marketing plan. Chris also hired a manager to work with him to allow him the freedom to enjoy the lifestyle benefits of running a successful Renew Crew franchise.