Diversify with your business with Renew Crew

A Renew Crew franchise can be the perfect way for a business owner to grow and diversify an existing business. In fact, several of our franchisees have added Renew Crew to an existing business and have used Renew Crew to grow their top-line sales and cross-promote the services of their various businesses to the customer bases of each.



As a current business owner, you have a client base that you are already serving. You can utilize this existing client base and begin offering them the services of a Renew Crew franchise. This will greatly increase your top line and bottom line and help you increase the overall revenue from each client you are currently serving.

You also have an existing internal infrastructure that you can leverage to support your Renew Crew franchise and eliminate some of the typical initial investment associated with launching a Renew Crew franchise on its own.

Add Renew Crew to your business.
And watch your company grow.

Prospecting for new clients can drain your resources. Adding a Renew Crew franchise lets you secure additional new business from your past clients. And that’s just the beginning:

  • Leverage your fixed costs. Office, phones, computers, etc. — your infrastructure is already in place. You have a significant pricing edge when an additional revenue stream helps leverage your existing fixed costs.
  • Realize even stronger gross profit margins, not to mention a great recurring revenue stream with our on going maintenance plans! Renew Crew’s average gross profit margins of 61.1% (Source: 2015 Renew Crew Franchise Disclosure Document) compare quite favorably to other home service industry margins.
  • Leverage Renew Crew’s proven best practices. Take what you learn to improve the efficiency of your existing business.
  • Enjoy the perks of pent-up demand. The 2013 Residential Landscape Architecture Trends survey identified outdoor living spaces as a key trend for 2013 and well into the future. Americans wanting to enhance their homes are truly taking it outside — where they have lots of room to expand — again and again. As the number of these spaces grows, so will the demand for Renew Crew’s exterior cleaning and protection services. In addition, for most American’s, their home is their single largest investment and Renew Crew helps them to protect that investment. 

Hit the ground running with Renew Crew’s outdoor expertise.

Why start as a beginner when Renew Crew gives you all the advantages of a seasoned exterior surface cleaning and protecting pro? From proprietary environmentally friendly products to custom marketing materials created for you at no additional cost, you will benefit from a team dedicated exclusively to the outdoor living business for well over a quarter of a century. Plus, you’ll have access to a peer network ready to help you with everything from financial and operational benchmarking information to tips on the best practices.

Marketing Expertise

  • Enjoy multiple touch point lead generation strategies and executional tactics that are second to none. Through a robust combination of online Renew Crew advertising, direct response mail programs and integrated social media, the Renew Crew Marketing Support Team will guide you through the process.
  • Wow prospects with your website. Renew Crew’s national website is a beauty to behold with great depth of content targeted toward the prospective consumer and engineered to be easily found by today’s most popular search engines. Additionally, each of our franchisees have customizable local websites to help potential clients find you more easily.
  • Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Houzz and blogging? Your Renew Crew marketing team can keep you up to date on what’s working in social media right now so, you don’t have to invest time figuring it out.
  • Put our team to work for you. Proven lead generation programs. Superior sales training. Professional business coaching. National advertising. Public relations outreach programs. Renew Crew has it all, just waiting for you to take advantage of it.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can a Renew Crew franchise help me grow my existing business?

  • Diversify your existing business mix by marketing Renew Crew services to your current client base.
  • Broaden your client demographic and win more jobs by becoming the one-stop service provider for all in-home and outdoor project needs of your clients.
  • Add a strong margin, recurring revenue business to your current operation.
  • Cross-market the services of your respective businesses to increase your “share of wallet” and generate more cost-effective new customer acquisition strategies.
  • Leverage your existing corporate infrastructure by adding incremental Renew Crew revenue to your operations.

2. What are the benefits of adding a Renew Crew Franchise?

  • Training and support for all aspects of the business to position you for success
  • Turnkey marketing programs to help promote your business
  • Experts on staff to help maximize your online presence to drive lead flow
  • Peer-to-peer networking events throughout the year
  • Preferred suppliers for a lower cost of goods over similar independent businesses
  • Robust integrated technology platform that provides client and prospect tracking, QuickBooks integration, Google Maps integration, email reminders, online payment support, letter sending services and web-based scheduling

Lastly, as an existing business owner you will also receive a discount off on our initial franchisee fee.