Initial training and support

The best thing about a franchise is the team of people in place to support you. Like the franchise industry says: it’s being in business for yourself, but not by yourself. Renew Crew has the support network in place to provide you with the best support in the industry. In addition to our corporate team you also have a network of peers that want to see you grow and succeed as a member of THE CREW.




So, before you come to Richmond, Virginia for your Renew Crew Confirmation Day why don’t you get to know your new team: hyperlink to team bios

Initial Training

During your initial training with Renew Crew you will spend a week at our corporate headquarters in Richmond, Virginia. Here is a snap shot of our unique training program:


RC Website Infographics10


On-going training and webinars

After you graduate from Renew Crew University, the training and support doesn’t stop there. We have regular webinars and conference calls that offer additional training and support on a variety of topics and subjects, including operations, product, marketing and more.

Want to get the perspective from someone else in the field? No problem, we have technology platforms that allow you to contact your Renew Crew peers who can also offer advice and best practices to assist you to build your Renew Crew franchise.

Mid-year & Annual Meetings

Renew Crew typically comes together twice a year for our mid-year and annual meetings. At the beginning of each year, the entire Outdoor Living Brands family of franchisees meets to spend 3-4 days together at beautiful resorts around the United States for a combination of work and play. A mixture of new programs, initiatives, training and beneficial networking time leaves franchisees invigorated to hit the ground running for the year.




See what our franchisees have to say about Renew Crew!

See what our franchisees have to say about Renew Crew!

Later in the year during the summer, Renew Crew franchisees gather to discuss new programs, incentives, trainings, products and more at our mid-year meeting. Over the course of two days, franchisees share best practices and meet with the corporate support team and each other to recharge their batteries and learn new best practices to finish out the year strong.