Multi Unit

What makes Renew Crew a good multi-unit franchise opportunity?

Renew Crew is a fun, home-based franchise opportunity that offers few limits on growth and can be easily scaled to meet any entrepreneurs expectations. For those individuals interested in exploring multiple unit opportunities from the start our experienced recruitment team is just a phone call or click away.

During your education and discovery process we will work with you to create a development schedule or timeline for each Renew Crew franchise unit.  In most cases,  we stagger the openings to every year or other year depending on your personal abilities and success record with your first location.

Your initial franchise agreement with Renew Crew will protect each territory (even those not yet in operation) for the term of your agreement.

As you continue to open your additional Renew Crew locations you will be able to benefit from experiencing the launch before so there will be very few surprises as you open your additional locations.

How do I know if I will be a good multi-unit franchisee?

To be a multi-unit franchisee you need to be passionate about the Renew Crew business.  You will need to know the business from top to bottom being able to “lead by example”. The best multi-unit franchisees know how to manage ten or more employees and hire reliable general managers or staff to oversee the daily, store-level operations. As a multi-unit franchisee you will typically work less in the daily operations of any single location and focus on managing each location at a much higher level.


What are the advantages of licensing multiple territories?

Having multiple territories allows you to “own” an entire demographic market area and build a strong brand. You will also enjoy some economies of scale because your management expenses and other overhead can be spread across all the territories. Like most things in life, along with the higher risks comes the potential for a much higher reward. Having a larger operation will give you more freedom, your skilled team will be able to oversee daily operations ensuring each units success. Having multiple units will also give your team future growth opportunities which will help you retain and cultivate a strong support and managerial team.

How will the Renew Crew  assist in my expansion?

In addition to discounts and accommodations for entrepreneurs interested in licensing multiple units, our support team and technology tools will provide with the additional support you need to successful manage and oversee your Renew Crew franchise locations.  As your team continues to grow, our team will provide  you with additional training and support as needed to ensure that each additional Renew Crew unit has a successful launch and continued growth in the years ahead.

Our Executive Leadership can help you assess your operations, market and leadership teams to determine the best course of action and timeline for continued growth.

Just ask Chris Miller! He began his location in Raleigh, North Carolina with one location and after launching and becoming a Renew Crew expert approached our executive leadership to discuss his next steps for future growth and wealth with Renew Crew.

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