Next steps to opening your own Renew Crew franchise

So you are ready to begin exploring a Renew Crew franchise of your own. We have spent years perfecting the way we educate prospective franchisees and look forward to working with you soon. To begin your journey you will need to submit a franchise inquiry – that’s the form listed on the side of every page on our website. Once we receive your initial information our Franchise Recruiting Consultant, Joe Rucci, will give you a call to answer any initial questions you may have and begin to get to know you a little better.

Most importantly, our team will spend some time with you during the franchise discovery and qualification process in order to better understand your goals and aspirations and work with you to help you determine if a Renew Crew franchise can be the right vehicle for you to pursue your personal career, lifestyle and financial goals.

After your initial “get to know you” call, Joe will then schedule a series of detailed presentations and discussions covering all aspects of the Renew Crew business:

  • Overview of the Renew Crew Business Model. During this call you will meet our Vice President, Mike Mushinski, and learn about the business model and the new exciting plans we have to grow and improve the business in the coming years.
  • Marketing and Lead Generation. Our award winning marketing team will walk you through the advertising, marketing and lead generation programs that we have in place to ensure you attract and retain the right clients.
  • Members of our technology support team will walk you through the robust Renew Crew technology platform that will help you to efficiently run the day-to-day operations of the business including client/prospect relationship management, scheduling and the various accounting functions.
  • Once you have had a chance to learn all the ins and outs of our franchise system and support services, we will introduce you to your potential future peers with a series of validation calls. You will have one-on-one calls with existing Renew Crew franchisees and hear what opening and operating a Renew Crew franchise is like while having an opportunity to validate the assumptions in your pro formas and business plan.

While conducting validation calls, we will be preparing your for the big finale, Confirmation Day! Confirmation Day is a special day for all of here at Renew Crew as it is the first time we typically get to meet you face-to-face.




Your Confirmation Day visit will be held at Outdoor Living Brands corporate headquarters in Richmond, Virginia. We will spend the day reconfirming everything you learned throughout the education and discovery process and answer any lingering questions you may have. We also like to get to know you better as you are investing in us and potentially becoming a part of our family. Before either party commits to a franchise relationship, both need to be convinced it is a good long-term fit.

Some franchisees elect to sign and notarize their franchise agreement at the end of Confirmation day while they await final approval from Outdoor Living Brands as this will ensure they have one less thing to worry about when scheduling their initial Renew Crew training