What is Renew Crew?

Renew Crew started out as Wood ReNew back in March of 1993, when founder, Stan Krempges, was a partner in a fence installation business. His clients needed a way to keep their fences, decks and other outdoor structures clean and protected. After extensive research, Stan developed an eco-friendly wood cleaner. This cleaner is a thick foam that clings to vertical surfaces better, allowing it to soak into the wood to emulsify and remove embedded dirt, mold and mildew.

Spurred on by that success, Stan continued to work with leading coatings chemists to develop an equally eco-friendly protectant that would permeate the wood for a deep seal against damaging moisture, dirt buildup and UV rays. The special polymers not only provided great protection, but they also created an extremely attractive finish that showed off the natural luster and wood grain.

In 2012, Wood ReNew was acquired by Outdoor Living Brands. Outdoor Living Brands immediately diversified the business with the addition of expanded services including the cleaning and sealing siding, gutters, windows, pavers, concrete and more. Concurrent with the rollout of the additional services, Wood ReNew was rebranded to Renew Crew.

The Renew Crew Magic

Our process is simple, but it can transform any outdoor spaces and, more importantly, your future. As a Renew Crew franchisee, you will follow our three-step process to clean, protect and restore all outdoor surfaces as you pursue your personal career, lifestyle and financial goals:

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Pre-Soak Foam

Our proprietary eco-friendly foam cleaner is applied to the surface, loosening embedded dirt, grime, and, if a wood surface, dead wood fibers.

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Power Clean

Surfaces are rinsed with a low pressure rinse, washing away debris, restoring the original appeal of the deck, patio, walkway, driveway or other outdoor surface.

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Protective Finish

An eco-friendly protectant is applied to seal the pores of the surface and keep surfaces looking great longer. These proprietary polymers repel the elements including UV rays.