What makes a good franchisee?

Franchisees come from all walks of life and career backgrounds, from high ranking corporate CEOs and VPs to budding entrepreneurs who have worked under others for their entire professional life. Typically we find that franchisees fall into one of three operating models. Those are as follows:




Executive Model: These are individuals looking to build an outdoor service empire by launching one or multiple territory units in their local markets. They elect to launch their franchise with a team of employees that will oversee the day to day operations while they focus their efforts on managing the business, interacting with area business owners and clients, and setting goals to scale their business in a relatively rapid manner.

Owner/Operator: These individuals elect to work in the business alongside technicians to ensure they have a hand in providing the outstanding services of Renew Crew to their clients. However, we find that the majority of owner/operators will eventually evolve into the executive model. We see owner/operators coming from a variety of career and corporate backgrounds, but who all share a willingness to start and operate their own business to secure the freedom to achieve personal lifestyle goals that the corporate world typically does not offer.

See what our franchisees have to say about Renew Crew!

See what our franchisees have to say about Renew Crew!

Diversifying Business Owners: Many existing outdoor service business owners are on the prowl for new turn-key business opportunities that will help them increase their annual revenues by offering new goods/services to their existing client base. While some of our existing franchisees come from sister brands with Outdoor Living Brands, we also see lawn and landscaping companies, deck and fence contractors, painting contractors, and interior cleaning companies look to Renew Crew as a way to grow or diversify their business. For others, converting an existing power washing business into Renew Crew allows them to reach clients in a professional way and offers them an opportunity to benefit from our proprietary environmentally friend products.

Whichever model fits your personality and personal goals the best, our most successful franchisees share similar qualities and attributes.

First and foremost, great Renew Crew franchisees are passionate people that connect well with others. They are able to manage employees as well as interact with their clients to earn their loyalty and trust. Most of our franchisees are very involved in their communities and spend free time volunteering or serving local civic organizations in order to network and cultivate new relationships.

Great Renew Crew franchisees also demonstrate the ability to follow a proven system and take ownership of duties and responsibilities. Franchising is all about utilizing existing policies and procedures, while benefiting from the paths forged by others, including lessons learned through mistakes, who helped build the business from its inception. In doing so, great franchisees are able to build a vibrant business without running into many of the mistakes other entrepreneurs often make in their early years.

Great franchisees are not afraid to ask for help and will do whatever it takes to be successful; especially during their initial years in business as they work through the standard learning curve. Our best franchisees are true testaments and examples that hard work and dedication really does pay off!

Great Renew Crew franchisees also enjoy outdoor living and have the passion and dedication to help clients enjoy and care for their outdoor spaces.

In addition, we also expect our new family members to share and honor the Outdoor Living Brands’ Code of Values, found in the acronym “Live Well.”




While we are all here to support you on your new adventure, ensuring that you have the qualities and attributes of a great Renew Crew franchisee on top of your willingness and drive to build a thriving business will help to ensure your success with Renew Crew.

There is nothing more exhilarating than embarking on a new journey and one that will provide you with the ability to meet your personal and professional goals in the years ahead. But don’t just take out word for it, we invite you to hear what some of our great Renew Crew franchisees have to say for themselves.