What services can I provide with my Renew Crew franchise?

Renew Crew is so much more than a power washing company. We have spent years studying and testing our products and services ensuring we offer the best result for every outdoor project.

We follow our three-step process on each and every job. It’s a simple as, you guessed it, 1,2,3:

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Best of all, our proprietary products are eco-friendly. Unlike other power washing companies, we never use caustic acids, damaging pressure levels, chlorines or any other chemicals or systems that could harm the materials used to construct your home, outdoor living spaces, or landscaping. It’s safe around children and pets, and our gentle cleaning agents won’t bleach exterior surfaces like chlorine does.

With proprietary cleaners, sealers and protective finishes we have a variety of services for you to offer local home and business owners.

Wood/Composite Materials

Renew Crew started as the wood cleaning experts and that hasn’t changed. Our signature 3-step process brings new life to all types of wood surfaces including decks and fences. Our semi-transparent protectants rejuvenates the color of the wood while allowing the natural grain to shine through. In addition, while many decks today are constructed using composite non-wood decking, these surfaces still needed to be carefully and properly cleaned.

Wood Dock Before Wood Dock After

Wood House Front Before Wood House Front After



Pavers and Hardscapes

It’s not surprising that pavers and hardscapes are an increasingly popular choice for outdoor living spaces. They are beautiful, durable and relatively low maintenance. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t require regular, careful maintenance. In fact, pavers are naturally porous and absorb the elements, leaving them dirty and stained. Renew Crew brings back the pavers’ original beauty and color, while protecting it against future stains.

Entrance_before Entrance_after

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Vinyl, Aluminum, Brick and Stucco Siding

There’s a fine line between pressure washing siding and gouging it away. Many companies use pressure so strong that it can chew apart nearby greenery or blast chunks out of your siding. With our proprietary siding cleaners, our trained technicians don’t need a high-pressure wash to remove the built up dirt. Instead, they use a non-damaging low-pressure wash that leaves the siding sparkling clean and undamaged and the landscaping intact.

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By following the same 3-step cleaning process that we use with siding, your Renew Crew business will be able to safely remove that black striping and grime so gutters will look like new again. Our exclusive 3-step process cleans better than mere pressure washing — without the risk of damage to your home or landscaping. And our proprietary sealer keeps gutters looking newer longer.


Commercial Pressure Washing

Businesses, just like residential properties and sometimes more so in order to maintain their brand standards, require regular maintenance to their outdoor areas. Instead of blasting the surface with high-pressure washing that can gouge or etch into many surfaces, Renew Crew’s 3-step process is easier on the material, but still makes it look fantastic.