Who are our clients?

Consumer desires for outdoor spaces continues to grow exponentially. With that, there is great opportunity for Renew Crew to ensure the exterior surroundings are welcoming for residential and commercial properties alike.

Here’s a snapshot of our typical residential client:


RC Website Infographics3







Our customers are aspirational, quality-of-life seekers, motivated by pride and are strongly influenced by neighbors and word of mouth. They consider “green” important for the world and use green products when they can. Seeking the most from life outdoors, our customer is inspired by the beautiful outdoor spaces they see in magazines and TV, as well as their neighbors’ and friends’ homes.

Beyond our residential clients, Renew Crew also services many commercial properties. Restaurants with outdoor dining, apartment and business complexes, homeowners associations and other commercial opportunities will reveal themselves as you jump into the business. Providing excellent client services to all your clients and networking for new business is a great way to promote the commercial side of outdoor cleaning.