Who are Renew Crew’s competitors?

Renew Crew is far, far more than the average pressure washing company. With over 15 years experience and over 6 million square feet cleaned and protected, we are North America’s leading outdoor surface cleaning and protecting company, while doing so in an environmentally responsible fashion.

Renew Crew’s competition is typically a stand-alone operator running his/her business out of their vehicle. Their usual approach to outdoor maintenance is vastly different than ours. The majority of pressure washing companies use harsh chemicals to loosen and remove dirt and stains from decks, patios, and siding. While the chemicals will sometimes leave the surface clean (and sometimes the bleach just temporarily hides the dirt and mildew), it can negatively impact the surrounding ground and vegetation. Green and CleanThe chemicals can seep into the ground water or leave damaging residue on plants and flowers.

Unlike our competition, Renew Crew’s proprietary cleaning and protecting products are eco-friendly, but just as, if not more, effective.

Many of our competitors stop before the most important step in our opinion: protection. Cleaning a surface may remove dirt, but it also opens up the pores of the surface, leaving it vulnerable to future stains. Without proper protection, dirt and grime can work their way into the material quickly. At Renew Crew, our third step is to protect each surface that we clean with an eco-friendly protectant. We find that our 3-step process of cleaning, rinsing and protecting provides the best result and keeps it looking that way!

In everything we do, Renew Crew works hard to exude professionalism and experience. With professionally designed marketing materials, clean trucks and excellent client interactions, the Crew takes great pride in providing unparalleled customer service.