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We follow our three-step process on each and every job. It’s a simple as, you guessed:

  • Pre-Soak Foam
  • Power Clean
  • Protective Finish

Best of all, our proprietary products are eco-friendly. Unlike other power washing companies, we never use caustic acids, damaging pressure levels, chlorine, or any other chemicals or systems that could harm the materials used to construct your home, outdoor living spaces, or landscaping. Our products are safe around children and pets, and our gentle cleaning agents won’t bleach exterior surfaces like chlorine does.

With proprietary cleaners, sealers, and protective finishes, we have a variety of services for you to offer local homeowners and business owners.

Wood/Composite Materials

Renew Crew started as a team of wood-cleaning experts and that hasn’t changed. Our signature three-step process brings new life to all types of wood surfaces – including decks and fences. Our semi-transparent protectants rejuvenate the color of the wood while allowing the natural grain to shine through. In addition, while many decks today are constructed using composite non-wood decking, those surfaces needed to be carefully and properly cleaned as well.

Before Image Of DeckAfter Image Of Deck

Before Image Of Wood HouseAfter Image Of Wood House

Pavers & Hardscapes

It’s not surprising that pavers and hardscapes are an increasingly popular choice for outdoor living spaces. They are beautiful, durable, and relatively easy to maintain. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t require regular care. In fact, pavers are naturally porous and absorb the elements, leaving them dirty and stained. Renew Crew brings back pavers’ original beauty and color, while protecting them against future stains.

Before Image Of Pavers After Image Of Pavers

Before Image Of Brick WallAfter Image Of Brick Wall

Renew Crew Power Washing Pavers

Concrete Cleaning and Refinishing

Concrete is a versatile material for indoor spaces like garages and basements as well as outdoor spaces like patios, driveways, and walkways. It is, however, porous by nature and soaks up whatever may fall on it – be it gas, oil or normal dirt from wear and tear. Concrete surfaces can become dark and dingy if not properly maintained. Renew Crew’s Crew Coat offering coats and protects garages, basements and other concrete surfaces while also making them look better. With a range of colors and finish options, we can transform drab concrete into a clean and protected surface.

Before And After Images Of Garage Floor CleanBefore And After Images Of Garage Concert Clean

Vinyl, Aluminum, Brick and Stucco Siding

There’s a fine line between pressure washing siding and gouging it away. Many companies use pressure so strong that it can chew apart nearby greenery or blast chunks out of your siding. With our proprietary siding cleaners, our trained technicians don’t need a high-pressure wash to remove the built-up dirt. Instead, they use a non-damaging low-pressure wash that leaves the siding sparkling clean and undamaged and the landscaping intact.

Before Image Of Vinyl SidingAfter Image of Vinyl Siding


Renew Crew Cleaning GuttersBy following the same three-step cleaning process that we use with siding, your Renew Crew business will be able to safely remove that black striping and grime so gutters will look like new again. Our exclusive process cleans better than merely pressure washing — without the risk of damaging your home or landscaping. Best of all, our proprietary sealer keeps gutters looking newer longer. Our customers love this reliable process and continue coming back.

Commercial Pressure Washing

While many customers are residential property owners, businesses also require regular outdoor maintenance in order to keep up with appearance and brand standards. Instead of blasting the surface with high-pressure washing that can gouge or etch into many surfaces, our proprietary cleaning process is easier on the material, but still makes it look fantastic.

Floor Coatings

To establish Renew Crew as our customer’s go-to provider for all things cleaning and protecting, and to keep our teams busy year-round, Renew Crew added concrete floor coatings (Crew Coat as we call it) to our service offerings. Available in a variety of colors and finishes, our epoxy floor coatings transform garages, basements, and other concrete surfaces to clean, usable spaces.

Who Are Our Customers?

Consumer desires for outdoor spaces continue to grow exponentially. With that, there is great opportunity for Renew Crew to ensure exterior surroundings are welcoming for residential and commercial properties alike.

Here’s a snapshot of our typical residential customer:

  • Ages: 45-64
  • Marital status: Married couples
  • Education: Postgraduate degree
  • Employed: Full-time
  • Household income: $150K+
  • Children: Empty nesters or 1-2 teens in the home
  • Household size: 2-4 people
  • Employment: Management, business, financial operations, and professionals

Our customers are aspirational, quality-of-life seekers, motivated by pride and strongly influenced by neighbors and word of mouth. They consider “green” important for the world and use eco-friendly products when they can. Seeking the most from life outdoors, our customers are inspired by the beautiful outdoor spaces they see in magazines, on TV, and on their neighbors’ and friends’ properties.

Beyond our residential customers, Renew Crew also services many commercial properties. Restaurants with outdoor dining, apartment and business complexes, homeowners associations, and other commercial opportunities will reveal themselves as you jump into the business. A great way to promote the commercial side of outdoor cleaning is to provide excellent services to all your customers and network for new businesses.

Commercial Pressure Washing Before And After

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