Brothers Work Together As Renew Crew Franchisees

Brothers Work Together As Renew Crew Franchisees

In 2007, Eric McVey began searching for a career change. After graduating from college, he worked in the mortgage industry for several years.  However, when the financial crisis hit, McVey knew the time had come to look at other careers.  He stumbled upon an opening for a field technician for Wood Re New and soon after embarked on a new career with Wood Re New, now expanded and rebranded to Renew Crew.  

Working as a field technician taught McVey the foundations of the business. McVey learned the whys and hows through hands on experience and began to work his way up within the organization. The owner of Wood Re New recognized McVey’s talents and asked him to manage operations in the nearby Branson, Missouri, location.  

After successfully managing and developing the business in Branson, McVey learned that a franchise territory in Northwest Arkansas was available and this piqued his interest. As McVey considered licensing his own franchise, his brother, Kevin, was transitioning out of his career and the two brothers decided to join forces and go into business together.  

They acquired the Northwest Arkansas franchise in 2012 which was approximately the same time that Outdoor Living Brands purchased Wood Re New.  Upon acquiring Wood Re New, Outdoor Living Brands subsequently rebranded it to Renew Crew and transformed it into a full-service exterior cleaning and protection business for surfaces including decks, fences, driveways, walkways, patios, hardscape pavers and siding of all kinds including brick, vinyl, aluminum and stucco.  

Each McVey brother brought a different skill set to the business allowing them to develop a good working relationship and build a successful business.  Kevin McVey explained that “I handle all the administrative aspects of the business and Eric oversees field work including operations, employees and scheduling.” 

Together the McVey’s have grown their franchise and their territory to now include the four cities of Fayetteville, Springdale, Denton and Rogers along with the surrounding areas.  Eric McVey states, “this is a fast-growing area and our revenue has increased five out of the last six years.”

Eric McVey recognizes that being a part of a franchise system has its advantages. He appreciates the support and the benefits gained from access to the franchisor, Outdoor Living Brands, and to the sister franchise systems which include Archadeck, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives and Conserva Irrigation. He values the ability to “gain information and advice from other franchisees and learn how they have handled certain situations.”  

About Renew Crew

Established in 1993, Renew Crew is America’s only deep-clean and super-sealing restoration franchise. Renew Crew utilizes a 3-step cleaning process to renew outdoor hardscape and wood surfaces that have been subject to fading, weather damage, and mold or grime buildup. Renew Crew’s process, combined with their propriety eco-friendly solution creates transformations that make outdoor surfaces look like new again. As a part of Outdoor Living Brands, Renew Crew’s sister brands include Archadeck, Conserva Irrigation, and Outdoor Lighting Perspectives. Renew Crew has been voted a World Class Franchise 6 consecutive years by The Franchise Research Institute. Visit or to learn more.