Delta Sky Talks with Renew Crew About How Millennials are Changing Franchising

Delta Sky Talks with Renew Crew About How Millennials are Changing Franchising

It is no secret that Millennials are changing the world everywhere they go. Everything from sociopolitical mindsets and when to start a family to how much money is actually needed in a savings account is all changing, mostly for the better. Franchising and entrepreneurial ventures are no exception.

In the April 2019 publication of Delta Sky magazine — the popular in-flight reading material made available on all Delta flights — readers were able to get a look into just how Millennials are improving the franchise world. The article featured Chairman and CEO Chris Grandpre of Outdoor Living Brands Inc., the parent company of Renew Crew. He discussed how his franchise brands are all integrating new technology into business, thanks to the demands and expectations of Millennials.

He shared that Millennials “push [our brands] to continue to evolve.” Technology is always growing and improving, and Millennials are always right there to embrace it. Gone are the days when new tech in companies was kept at bay for fear of the “new,” as is a common complaint of Baby Boomers. Today, the leading generation in franchising not only expects but demands to see smarter ways of integrating technology into the average work day.

Embracing technology has proven to be a boon for Renew Crew and other franchise opportunity companies under Outdoor Living Brands. A recent gain was allowing customers to actually track where a technician is when they are en route to their property for a service. This makes it even easier for customers to plan their day around their service and minimize disruption.

Of course, utilizing smarter tech is also a huge benefit for franchisees who join nationwide brands like Outdoor Service Brands and Renew Crew. Technological assistance in any way — from full automation to minor adjustments like easier customer account management — always leads to new ways to save money. Franchising is all about recession-proof business-building, so anything that helps save on costs is a must.

To learn more about how Millennials and tech are benefitting franchising, you can click here to view an online, digital version of Delta Sky’s April 2019 edition, with the article featuring CEO Grandpre beginning on page 93. Are you interested in joining the growing Renew Crew franchise family? We are expanding nationwide to bring reliable renewing services to more and more people, and you can turn our growth into your future! Call (804) 352-6232 to discuss what it means to be a franchise owner with Renew Crew, our vision for our franchisees, and how to get started with a fulfilling, rewarding career today.