A Lasting Career As A Renew Crew Franchisee

A Lasting Career As A Renew Crew Franchisee

If you asked Phillip Howe seventeen years ago what he would be doing today, he would not have said that he would be a Renew Crew franchisee. He would not have said that he would be a two-time Franchisee of the Year recipient. He would not have said he would consistently be in the top five of the Renew Crew system ranked by Net Promoter Score, the metric used to measure customer satisfaction and loyalty. He would also not have said that he would be a member of the Strategic Advisory Board for Renew Crew. However, Howe accomplished all these.

After moving to Kansas City, Howe became interested in going into business with his father, Wayne Howe. While looking at a variety of business opportunities, they came across an ad for a franchise called Wood Re New, a deck cleaning and restoration business.  After meeting with the Wood Re New franchisor in 2002, the Howe’s decided that investing in a Wood Re New franchise would be a good fit for them. Wood Re New was purchased by Outdoor Living Brands in 2012. It was subsequently rebranded to Renew Crew after being transformed into a full-service exterior cleaning and protection business for surfaces including decks, fences, driveways, walkways, patios, hardscape pavers and siding of all kinds including brick, vinyl, aluminum and stucco.

The Howe’s enjoyed working outside and possessed some interest and knowledge in building decks. They were drawn to a business where reaching the positive outcome of their efforts was immediate.  “Seeing the fruits of our labor was an important component of what interested us in what is now Renew Crew,” noted Phillip Howe. Additionally, they wanted a be a part of a hands-on service industry and not feel as though they simply sold a product.

Like others with the entrepreneurial spirit, the freedom and independence of owning and operating his own business continues to drive Phillip Howe. He values the ability to control his schedule and how this translates to flexibility for his family life. For example, Howe cited a specific occasion where he spent an extra day at the lake with his 10-year-old son without having to ask anyone’s permission. 

Howe pointed out the reality that, in addition to all the positives, some challenges also come along with small business ownership. He appreciates the ability to work on and solve any challenges with the support of the franchise system and his peers within Renew Crew and the other brands that comprise Outdoor Living Brands. 

Regardless of the highs or lows of business, Howe takes pride in the fact that he and his father worked to create a strong and successful Renew Crew franchise business built on the philosophy of “wanting to do exceptional work at a fair price for every customer.”  Howe shared that “they strive to pay extra attention to detail and to continually go above and beyond for all customers.”

As Howe reflected on his years as a Renew Crew franchisee, he recalled that when he and his father began their journey, they planned to grow the business and sell it at the five-year mark.  All these years later, Howe is glad the journey turned out differently and that he still finds the work enjoyable and rewarding.

About Renew Crew

Established in 1993, Renew Crew is America’s only deep-clean and super-sealing restoration franchise. Renew Crew utilizes a 3-step cleaning process to renew outdoor hardscape and wood surfaces that have been subject to fading, weather damage, and mold or grime buildup. Renew Crew’s process, combined with their propriety eco-friendly solution creates transformations that make outdoor surfaces look like new again. As a part of Outdoor Living Brands, Renew Crew’s sister brands include Archadeck, Conserva Irrigation, and Outdoor Lighting Perspectives. Renew Crew has been voted a World Class Franchise 6 consecutive years by The Franchise Research Institute. Visit RenewCrewFranchise.com or RenewCrewClean.com to learn more.